Best link to share with someone new to Ottoneu

this evening I learned that a guy I know as a baseball fanatic plays Fantasy Baseball…seems he and some friends developed a custom scoring league (maybe Yahoo)…I shared some highlights of our Ottoneu format and he was very interested…what’s the best link I could share to give him a broad overview of the game?

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A great question that I never seem to have a solid single answer for.


Or this:

Or this Twitter thread:

There are some older resources on FanGraphs as well:


thanks Niv…I sent the Post article and Pitcher List


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good afternoon Niv…as a follow up, the guy I introduced to Ottoneu bought a team and has really taken to the format…I’ve spent a couple of hours with him on the phone, answering questions and explaining the “words, phrases, and concepts” of the game…he has a draft this weekend and since the Auction Draft app is open, we had a chance to go through the page content…I’m looking forward to hearing how he likes the in-season play

thanks for the articles on the game

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