Bird trade value

I have Bird for $11 to keep in old school 5x5 12 team roto ottoneu. Lots of interest. He’s not worth $11, but with inflation would go for more than that, so I am likely to keep him. Lots of 1b types on my team (Myers, C Santana), so I don’t HAVE to have him.

What is fair value for Bird? He’s not a baby (age 25 year), so what we get from his this year might be what he is. I told one guy Nelson Cruz ($31) for Bird (again, $11). Is that about right? Another owner has both T McKenzie ($2) and G Torres ($3). I told him both of them for Bird.

Am I being unreasonable?

Depending on the price of Myers, I’d probably prefer to keep Bird over Myers, especially since he won’t have OF eligibility any longer. I don’t think nabbing Cruz for Bird is realistic, but the prospect trade might not be enough; I would target Torres and another cheap young hitter that will impact in 2018.

I think Bird could be a .250 BA, 30 HR guy in 2018

OK. Let’s talk Bird. I agree with your projection. That makes Bird…Myers without the SBs. So that’s worth something, and it’s worth more than $11, but it’s not better than Myers ($20). I think either Bird is overrated or Myers is underrated or both.

I’m not trying to be a smart alex. Really. It seems like Bird is this young stud. He’s 25. It seems like Myers has been around forever. He turns 27 in a week. And one of them plays in San Diego and the other for the most famous baseball team on the globe. I get it. But if look past that, Myers > Bird.