Blind auctions for free agents in-season


Have there ever been discussions about blind auctions for Free Agents so that everybody in the league doesn’t know who you’re targeting? As it is now, if I start and auction on a player that I like, everyone in the league has 48 hours to research that player and potentially out bid me. Maybe have something set up similar to the FAAB process for NFBC leagues but shorten the timeframe to 48 hours?

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This is a core feature and won’t be changed.


Just to be a little bit clearer about this:

Since Ottoneu is a keeper / dynasty format, making it easier to get players significantly below their ‘market’ value is potentially economy-breaking. If others are consistently outbidding you, the answer isn’t to make the auctions blind or secret, the answer is to evaluate if you are underbidding or if the other owners in your league are overbidding, and then take advantage of your answer from that question.

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Shouldn’t I as an enterprising owner, be able to snap up that overlooked player without throwing him to the sharks? If a player isn’t nominated by other teams, isn’t his ‘market’ value less than zero anyway? I feel this rule is bad for competition because it is disproportionately hurting the teams in the middle/lower half of the standings.

As an anecdote, I nominated Trevor Richards in one of my leagues. Prior to me nominating him, he had no prior transaction history and yet I lost out on him to an owner who bid $7. In this situation I did all of the work to pinpoint a player I was interested in, that had drawn no prior interest from any other owner and yet I still lost out on him because my interest was made public to the rest of the league. I struggle to see how this is good for competition, it’s hurting owners who are actively trying to better their teams and giving an advantage to passive owners who can simply put down a higher bid.


Re: blind bids

Or possibly it allows lower level teams who have multiple mediocre players (with little value for next season) to pick up future stars at low cost. Contenders may be less likely to jettison a player just for the chance to take a shot unless they are forced into it by seeing someone nominate the player. Irrational bidding wars are not uncommon thereby depriving lower level teams from gaining any kind of advantage going forward.

One league I was in did not post nominations of FAs, however if you bid on an FA, there was a pop-up message that “x” amount of other people had a bid in. I found that to be an equitable practice.


One smaller rule variation that has been tossed around a long time is that the original nominating owner gets the tie breaker in case two or more teams bid the same amount. I strongly support that change, if it ever comes…