Bold Auctions that I started

Can the Current Auctions sections for basketball be similar to baseball where the player names are bolded for auctions I started?

This should already be the case.

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I started all auctions from Nunn to Jones Jr but I’m not sure there is a difference in text from the bottom 4. Could there be an issue with our league page that doesn’t show the bold text for auctions I start?

Ha no those are all good. Wait til you see an auction you didn’t start.

Right, sorry I should have been more clear that I didn’t start the auction for Juzang, T. Davis or Bazemore and I don’t see a difference in text in the auctions above them.

It’s early here too, sorry. The bold only shows up on the bidding page, not the home page. I can look into adding it to the home page too I guess, but it should be bold on the bid page.

Thanks, I didn’t realize it was bolded on the bid page. I didn’t visit that page knowing I wasn’t going to bid more than the auto dollar for starting the auction.