Brand new $500 h2h fangraphs points league looking for 11 owners

Howdy baseball fans. I didn’t see any $500 leagues I could get into, so I made one. First time commissioner, 3rd year playing ottoneu. Have yet to join a league that lasted til it’s 2nd year, so I’m hoping this one will. I will be attentive, quick to answer questions, open to modifications wanted by a large majority of owners, and I won’t change the rules in season. Just basic good commissioner stuff. I’m in Mendocino in northern California. Hope to see you in the league!

Are you set that the league has to be $500, or would you consider the $250 tier? I do think that it might have an impact on how long the league lasts.

Also, what are you thinking for Arbitration system and games start cap? Thanks.

Well, I already paid the $500 to found it, and I can’t transfer that to another league, so it has to be for $500. I think most likely I won’t get 11 other owners, so this league won’t happen and my money will be refunded. Given that likelihood, I probably need another league and $250 would be my preference, so if you and I could find another 10 owners wanting to start up a $250 h2h fangraphs points league, I would be into it. My preference is for arbitration and no start caps, just 2 SP slots (which is sorta a defacto 14 starts per week cap) which is the default setting. But at this point I’m open to whatever will fill the league. More attached to the 2 SP slots than the off-season arb

Not interested for $500, maybe $250.

This might be a debate for another forum, but I would heavily recommend against not using a start cap. We did no start caps for a H2H playoff league last year and all the playoff teams ended up with 20 SPs on their roster. The worst part is that even then its tough to get to 14 starts because you inevitably have 6 guys going one day and then 1 guy the next.

Found it, put a starts cap and I’ll join. $250 preferred but I’m getting to the point where I’d be down for $100, maybe even $50

I’d join as well. Would be open to $250 or $100.

FWIW I was also was in a league last year with no GS cap. It can work, but is a very different league as playoff teams do end up loading up to get to 2 GS each day. Therefore, on balance I think a cap is better, but again think it can work either way.

Let me know if the league gets set up.