Breakdown production table for bench pitching into starts/relief appearances

I’m not sure if this is particularly feasible, but on the Production Per Position table (in the Lineups page), it’d be really nifty if the “Bench” row for pitchers could be split up into starts and relief appearances.

For example, in my FGPts league I’m currently sitting with a 5.16 P/IP for SP, 7.50 P/IP for RP, and 5.05 P/IP for “Bench”. My hunch is that the small gap between SP and Bench production is because I’m leaving too many relief appearances on the bench, rather than that I’m making awful start/sit decisions with my rotation, but it’d be nice to have the data to back this up. Openers would presumably fall under starts for the sake of convenience.

Thanks as always for your consideration!

Went through the wishlist and took a pass at doing this, but unfortunately the way the queries are optimized combined with how the various data is stored makes this non-trivial. I’ll continue to investigate.

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Totally understand. Thanks for looking into this, Niv!