Breaking Down Ottoneu Football League Types

I wanted to take a moment to explain the various options available for roster/scoring types in ottoneu football, and additionally explain some of the ways positional player values change based on those selections.

Scoring Options

All but one aspect of ottoneu football points scoring is standard across all leagues, and in fact reflects the typical standard across fantasy football (25 yards/pt for QB, 4 Pts for TD pass, -2 pts for INT, 10 yards/pt for rushing and receiving yard, 6 pts for TD rushing or receiving, and -2 pts for fumbles lost). That lone exception is the points received per reception (PPR), with the three options for ottoneu being 0 PPR, .5 PPR, and 1 PPR. It may seem like a minor distinction, but each of these options changes the roster value dynamics as I will explain later.

Across current ottoneu leagues, .5 PPR is slightly more popular than 1 PPR, and there are very few 0 PPR leagues.

Roster Options

In addition to choosing how many points per reception your league will have, you can also decide between four different roster options. All ottoneu leagues allow 20 total players on the roster, and have the following “base” starting lineup:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K

The first roster option (Flex) adds a Flex position to the above base starting lineup, which allows any RB, WR, or TE to be played at the Flex. The second roster option (Two Flex) simply adds a second Flex position to the lineup. The third option (SuperFlex) is where things get really interesting, as one SuperFlex spot is added to the base starting lineup that functions much like the Flex, but now allows QB to be started there in addition to RB/WR/TE. The final roster option (SuperFlex+Flex) is similar to SuperFlex, buts adds an additional Flex slot.

Across current ottoneu leagues, Two Flex and SuperFlex+Flex are by far the most popular, with only a couple Flex leagues and zero SuperFlex leagues.

Positional Values Across League Types

0 PPR leagues put a much greater emphasis on yardage and TD scoring, so workhorse/goal line RB and red zone WR/TE are valued high. In addition, QB are relatively more valuable in 0 PPR, as the other positions are scoring much fewer points in relation to QB scoring.

.5 PPR leagues start to de-emphasize TD scoring, and give a boost to possession receivers and third down RB. QB are less valuable than in 0 PPR, although not drastically.

1 PPR leagues complete the shift, with receiving backs getting a large boost in value over 0 PPR, and volume receivers becoming as important as TD scoring WR/TE. QB values are definitely depressed in 1 PPR, as QBs score exactly the same points in 0 PPR vs 1 PPR, but every other position is now scoring more.

I won’t specifically comment on 1 Flex leagues, as every ottoneu league will have at least one Flex or SuperFlex.

Two Flex leagues increase the value of RB/WR/TE, but especially WR as that position is deeper and once you get past the top 24-36 RB and WR the receivers score more than the equivalent RB. QB is devalued in Two Flex versus One Flex with the addition of more starting worthy RB/WR/TE.

SuperFlex leagues, not surprisingly, boost the value of QBs dramatically, as in almost every case it is better to start a QB in the SuperFlex position than any other position. Accordingly RB/WR/TE are worth a fair bit less than they are in standard Flex leagues, especially compared to Two Flex leagues.

SuperFlex+Flex leagues still boost QB value quite a bit, but the depressed value of RB/WR/TE isn’t quite as bad.

The league scoring/roster type combination that would value QB the highest would be 0 PPR/SuperFlex, and the combination valuing QB the least would be 1 PPR/Two Flex.

The league scoring/roster type combination that would value standard starting RB the highest would be 0 PPR/Flex, and the combination valuing standard starting RB the least would be 1 PPR/SuperFlex.

The league scoring/roster type combination that would value third down/receiving RB the highest would be 1 PPR/Flex, and the combination valuing third down/receiving the least would be 0 PPR/SuperFlex+Flex.

The league scoring/roster type combination that would value WR/TE the highest would be 1 PPR/Two Flex, and the combination valuing WR/TE the least would be 0 PPR/SuperFlex.


In my opinion, the two best combinations are .5 PPR/Two Flex (traditional, but deep lineup) or .5 PPR/SuperFlex+Flex (balanced and deep lineup). I personally prefer the latter, but more than 50% of all ottoneu football leagues are represented by those two options.


Another factor to consider is league size. Smaller leagues tend to devalue QBs, which is why I prefer 2 QB or superflex in 10 or 12 team leagues. With 14 or 16 teams, the QB depth starts to dry up quickly, especially if it’s 2 QB or superflex. With this being 12 teams it kinda lands in the middle. I’m curious if ottoneu football leagues roster most backups in addition to starting QBs?

League size absolutely is a big factor, but currently all ottoneu leagues are 12 team leagues so there was no need to address that variable. If I recall correctly there were about 30 QBs drafted in my non-SuperFlex leagues last year, so I would say pretty much all starters will be drafted, but not really any backups.

In my recent Superflex draft, we did roster pretty much every starting QB, but few backups were drafted. By a quick count, 34 QBs are owned, and unless I’m missing someone, I believe Dak Prescott and Jimmy Garroppolo were the only two “true” backups drafted - the other QBs were all 32 guys either expected to be their team’s starter (including Brady) or who are expected to win a QB competition. For example Kapernick was owned for SF, but not Gabbert or Driskel.

That was in a superflex league - in my regular 1 QB leagues I feel like most teams carry 2 QBs, sometimes 3, and about 24-28 guys tend to be owned, with the weakest couple QBs available as FAs.

The leagues I looked at had closer to 30 QB owned even in a non-SuperFlex, so would definitely say expect the higher end of @oltarzewskt1’s 24-28 owned QB range

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I should mention too - there were a handful of NCAA quarterbacks drafted in the superflex. But as to the question about backups, most NFL backups were left alone unless there was a reason to pick them, like Garropolo with the Brady suspension. I don’t think Prescott was really a great pickup but I assume the owner picked him because Romo is made of glass and Prescott had a big game a few days ago, so at least there was SOME logic in the move.

I’m honestly surprised more of the QBs taken in SuperFlex aren’t tied to a handcuff, the roster depth and value of QB in those leagues means rostering four QB is not a bad idea.

I just rostered four starting QBs :slight_smile:

Although to be fair - we were missing one team and one other team left the draft early. And I now see that Carson Wentz was drafted for the Eagles, and Sam Bradford is now up for auction, which will make 35 QBs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple more handcuffs picked up over the next few weeks as some of the less experienced owners fill out/tweak their rosters.