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@nivshah Hello Niv, I wanted to bring something to your attention. I made a trade where I was getting Brent Rooker in a trade. I did not think to check on it when I sent the trade because I was sending out an offer quickly while I remembered to do it. It got accepted, which was cool and all. However, after it got accepted, I looked and that Brent Rooker is not real. He has no Fangraphs page. If you search his name on the Players page, there are two Brent Rookers, this “fake” one and the one with the Twins. I checked another league I am in where he was rostered in-season and the same situation arises. I presume the “real” one was added and then switched with the “fake” one later on somehow. I made the trade in League 477 and I also checked in 791.

Any help please would be greatly appreciated as we get close to the keeper deadline. I posted the issue on the league message board, so a Commish could handle it if need be. I wanted to bring it to your attention though as it seems to be a wider issue than one league. Thank you.

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Oh boy. I own Rooker in literally every league I am in.

I’ll merge these Rookers tonight.


Excellent, thank you, Niv. Will it switch over to the right one if it is in a pending trade?

Brent Rooker’s been merged. Trade should reflect the actual Brent Rooker.

He tricked us all because of some backend shenanigans with FanGraphs that will, long-term, be beneficial, I promise.


Thank you. I clicked on the Brent Rooker in the trade and it is the right one. If you look at the team page, it still shows the fake one with no stats and just UTIL. Does that matter or will that update eventually?

Will update tonight. Or oops I guess just now!


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