Bringing a Yahoo League to Ottoneu


I have a Yahoo dynasty league of 13 that has 8 really active players. Recognizing that we are more serious about it than the others, we want to bring our league to ottoneu and take a step up in game experience and seriousness. It’ll give us expanded rosters and a more professional feel. Since we already have keepers, how smooth would the transition go? Can I keep our current rosters if we move here? Somebody who has done this or knows these answers, please help.


There is no way to automatically import a roster or league from another platform that I am aware of, and converting dollar values to Ottoneu’s economic system with 480 players might also be a challenge. I would recommend either starting from scratch, or limiting owners to 3-5 keepers each and then manually reducing the salary of those players for those owners that win them at auction (similar to the automatic way Ottoneu gives an owner a $5 discount in the vote off arbitration system if they win their own player back.


So we have made keeper cuts already which leaves most teams with about 10 players. My main concern is getting those players to those teams. Can the commish place players on rosters for a specific salary?


Yes sir commissioners have this ability to add players and adjust salaries


Like @LuckyStrikes said, the Commissioner Tools will let you add players at a specific salary, which is how I recommend bringing over an existing league. Once you get going, let me know if you have any other specific questions,



I’m bringing over our 14 team keeper league (although it sounds like, and I hope, 2 are dropping so that we hit the 12 team setup and don’t have to bug @nivshah about a custom setup) this year as well! We’re very excited for more depth.

So far, comparing average Ottoneu salaries and projections with our current keeper costs, things are matching up pretty closely, so I think we’re going to end up doing no salary conversation at all.

I do have a question, however, as I’m new to Ottoneu. We haven’t done our roster cuts yet. (We push it to pretty close to the draft traditionally.) It sounds like Ottoneu is set up to make roster cuts at the end of January. Do I need to get everyone to make their cuts before I manually enter their rosters, or can they still make cuts within the Ottoneu site this late in the year?

I like how Ottoneu displays players and rosters and think it will help everyone make keeper decisions, so my preference would be to get everyone in before cuts, but if I’ll have to edit everyone’s roster cuts manually I won’t rush it.


They can still make cuts, but there is a caveat. Cuts after January 31 in Ottoneu have a half salary penalty. You can remove the penalties as commish, which is really easy, but to save yourself some time, I would have your teams make cuts before you enter the rosters (this will have to be done manually). It will save you from having to double up on adding a player and then cutting/changing his penalty. I got my league in before the January 31 cutoff so I didn’t have to worry about that, but it is something to consider.