"Browse Leagues" Page for Basketball Leagues?

Would it be possible to get a page for Ottoneu Basketball like the one that exists for Ottoneu Baseball (or if one exists, please let me know where it is)? This is what I’m referring to: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - browseleagues

I’m trying to do some analysis on H2H category leagues and want to collect some data from category leagues other than my own. Or, alternatively, would it be possible to get a list of league numbers that are basketball category leagues?

I’ll share anything that I come up with on the forum in the event that it yields something helpful.

Interested in building this page for both basketball and football

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I wish I could vote this 50 times lol. I have used the baseball browseleague page as a jumping off point for a bunch of analyses, it’s truly the best gateway page to all of Ottoneu!