Buehler vs. Taillon/Pham (2019)

Posting my thoughts on our trade today here for future review @tarheelhitch.


My assumption is most see Walker Buehler as an elite asset at just $12 (probably a $30 SP). I tend to agree, but the key for me in the trade was landing Pham at just $10, who I think is probably much closer to a $25 OF in 2019 (assuming 135+ games if not injured). All the other pieces in the deal are probably irrelevant, but landing a decent SP (Taillon) while also significantly improving my OF without paying a premium salary was too hard to pass up.

Will keep an eye on this one in 2019 because I assume almost everyone else would still prefer the Buehler side for now. Going against the grain…

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I agree about Pham. I offered him to Sabr for a $52 Sale and he thought it wasnt nearly enough. We’re definitely both higher on him than the market. I don’t think Kirriloff will be irrelevant, especially if Jed finds his way to A at the end of the year, in which case I handed you a blank check. :rofl: Also I really like Burnes, and will probably try to get him back before the season starts or after the auction.

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