Can a commish freeze a team?

Is there any way to freeze a team as a commish? Co-commish and I are thinking about instituting some outside rules and would want to be able to restrict a team from making moves as a penalty if needed.

There isn’t a way for a commissioner to freeze a team at this time, other than putting them over cap / roster limits.

What kind of scenarios could you envision needing to freeze a team?

Moved this to Wishlist to continue the conversation about a potential feature.

Basically if we’re doing $$$ offsite and someone hasn’t paid or something similar.

If we were to put them over the cap or roster as a workaround, they could just drop the offending player to fix it, correct?

Right. I think in this situation if you really needed to enforce something, you could temporarily remove owners from teams. Not mark them as abandoned, but have no owner while you sort out your finances.

Nice, that makes sense. Thanks!

Hopefully you don’t have to ever use this method