Can a reliever be put into a SP slot?

On my OPL roster, I have 3 SP starting on Tuesday. If 1 of them is SP/RP eligible, could his score count in one of the RP slots?

No. In order to be put into a RP slot you have to come in to the MLB game as a reliever.

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Gotcha. Thanks Niv

Does this apply for SP/RP in the SP slot? I had AJ Puk slotted in SP, but he entered the game as a RP today. He pitched, but does not appear to have accumulated points - is that because he was in the SP slot but entered as a RP?

This thread is about OPL specifically and how the Best Ball system handles pitchers.

I think you want to read this thread:

And note the words on the lineup page above the pitchers.