Can I cancel a 48-hour auction I started?

Ottoneu Newbie here. How do you cancel a waiver bid? I see where it says to “edit” your bid to zero but nothing appears to change when I do that. It’s still showing I’m picking a guy up for $1

Thanks in advance!

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I assume you are referring to a bid on an auction, not a waiver claim.

Click “edit”, type in 0, click “Submit All Bids”

Thanks for speedy reply. Yes, that is what I meant. I see where to type “0” and “submit all bids.” Where is the edit button located? I’m not seeing it anywhere

If you have an empty box next to the player’s name, you don’t have a bid in on them. The box to the left of the empty box that most likely says “$1” indicates the minimum bid required for the player, based on cap penalties, etc.

Maybe shoot me an email,, if this didn’t clarify.

Just to wrap a bow on this specific question - you cannot cancel an auction you’ve started, and if you don’t bid, the system will put a $1 bid in for you. It may not be a winning bid, but you are obligated to bid on any auction you start.

A minor quibble, but I think the auction results page should show the $1 bid in situations where an owner started an auction but did not actually enter a bid.

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I agree, and I’ll look into it.

Thanks, Niv. Just to be clear, I’m talking about situations in which the nominating owner doesn’t enter a bid and doesn’t win the auction. I believe the system shows the assumed $1 bid in situations where the owner doesn’t enter a bid and wins the auction.

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Going forward, any time a team that started the auction didn’t place a bid, a bid for the minimum will be added to the database for them. Auction results will show this default bid.