Canceled the wrong trade and need help

League 1212: I needed to cancel a trade between my team and another but accidentally cancelled the wrong trade.

Is there any way to restore the trade?

The trade that shouldn’t have been cancelled was between teams That’s Soto Raven (8410) and The Balking Dead (8418)

Wouldn’t the easiest solution be to just have the two teams re-do the trade? I don’t think that there is way to uncancel a trade. I suppose that you could use the commish tools to reassign the players to the new teams. But the easiest thing for everyone would be to just have one team offer the same trade and have the other accept it.

That would be the easiest but there was a loan involved and a lot of auctions happening. I feel bad for the teams since it could mess with their available spending.

Update: I am asking both teams if they are ok with redoing the trade.

Alright, crisis averted. Teams went ahead with redoing the trade.

I’ll just be way way wayyyyy more careful with that cancel trade option especially after midnight lol

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If I was around I would have been able to help here. Glad y’all came to a good solution.

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