Cannot move a player into a slot after cutting / trading a player out of that slot

Short story: traded an RP for a SP/RP. Went to place my new player in the lineup, and I get the following:

You can clearly see I have an open spot, yet the lineup page says I need to move an RP to the bench. I tried swapping RPs around, sending the empty spot to the bench, etc. with no luck.

I’m looking into this

@damgagnon could you let me know which team this is? I think the site has incorrectly left the player you traded away in a RP slot in your lineup, so he’s invisibly blocking you from adding another RP to your lineup.

Smithsonian Bateleurs in Champs (530)

Well I’ve commandeered your team to figure out what happened and I clicked 3 times and now you have 5 RPs and honestly I cannot tell you why it worked for me.

I saw the error message when I tried to move someone into the empty slot, so I’ll look into that. Once I swapped a player in a RP slot with someone on your bench, everything worked. And now that I wrote that out, I think I know what happened.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll give you your team back now.

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See screenshot (team in Champs 530). Had Dustin Pedroia in 2B slot, cut him, and now can’t move another 2B (e.g. Carpenter) into that slot.


Please re-use the original thread instead of starting a new one.

I am not able to recreate this on my team so I’ll see what is going on with your team.

Alright, I know what is going on here! It will take me a little bit to fix properly, but in the meantime you should be all set.

@LuckyStrikes do we have a bug report badge? Because I think @damgagnon has earned one with this thread.


I never closed this out, but this issue should be resolved.