Cannot set more than one RP target in roster organizer

Anyone else having trouble with the Roster Organizer? It is working perfectly except for Relievers - I cannot set targets for more than one of the five spots. I’ve tried resetting the targets, to no avail. Thanks.

Are you on your phone? The targets dialog (Allocate Budget) might be hiding and you might need to scroll down or up.

Happens on phone and laptop.

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I was able to replicate. I couldn’t move from bench to RP. But I could when I went from RP to bench.

Does it work if you click on the RP slot and then the bench slot where you’ve set the target?

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Could someone let me know if OF works or also has this issue?

Same error.

EDIT: SP appears to work fine.

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Walt, this worked! I set a target, then moved the new target from the first RP slot to the last, and started again. The problem seemed to be isolated to whenever there was a set target in the first RP slot. Thank you!

Niv, I did not have this problem at any other position.


This thread is doing a great job of isolating this bug. I’ll investigate soon.

I’m using mobile atm, and the only things I cannot do are move RP to another RP slot, and deselect a RP once I click it. It’s seems like other positions and empty slots still deselect fine.

Niv, it’s still not working right. I thought I had a workaround by adding values to other RP spots and switching them around…but whenever I reload, all but one RP spot reverts to empty.

I haven’t tried to fix it yet so I am not surprised it is not fixed.

This bug is awesome. If you have any regular player in a RP or OF slot, the targets work fine. However if you have no actual human players in these spots, the targets load on top of each other.

I’m continuing to investigate.

Alright I believe this should be fixed. A bug catcher badge for @hartpassman with a nice assist from a few others, appreciate it!