Can't initiate trades in Ottoneu Fantasy Football

Will trading now open 4/2?


Have you tried visiting the trade wizard? Is it not working?

I tried before posting and it didn’t have it available, like we were still in arbitration.

If you click “Trade” in the top menu and then “Offer Trade” to any team there, it gives a message along the lines of “Trading is not available”?

The two ways I know of to start a trade are not showing as available navigation.

“Offer Trade” isn’t showing up for me either.

Alright I moved this over to Tech Support and am investigating!

Thanks Niv!

Just to be clear:

In the first screenshot, your team is “Dalvin & The Chipmunks” - could you take a screenshot of literally any team that isn’t yours?

In the second screen shot, while you can offer trades on player pages in baseball, I do not believe you can do that in football.

This is what I see:

Note the “Offer Trade” link next to every team name that isn’t my own.

I’ve identified why “Propose Trade” is not showing up on the Trade sub-menu and should have a fix for that shortly!


“Propose Trade” is now showing up in the Trade sub-menu.

Please let me know if “Offer Trade” links are missing next to team names on the trade block or if there are any other outstanding football trading issues that I may have overlooked.

The offer trade button that used to appear on a team’s page is not appearing for me

Good call. This has been fixed.