Can't set basketball lineups

Unable to change lineups tonight. Missed out on getting players in before time. Still am unable to sub in people for the 9:00 games

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I can change Wiggins (10p ET game) out of my lineup. Are you sure you are logged in and your team is in a legal state?

Not sure if the same issue, but I wasn’t able to put in Patty Mills into my lineup tonight, but Giannis and Griffin were able to be started, though I put them in earlier.

I would put Mills into a Guard spot, navigate to a different window, navigate back, and he’s on the bench. I rationalized as probably the right move anyhow - but wanted to share if its helpful.

Hm that’s real weird. Patty Mills is extremely in my lineup. Any idea when you did this? Like what time?

Yes between 7-730, on mobile using firefox.

Did you see the “lineup changes have been saved” message?

Yes! That was why it was weird, I’d put him into the lineup, see the notification, then navigate away/back and he’s on the bench. I think I tried three times or so

Hm real weird. I’ll check it out. I don’t think that’s the same thing that @kentonpieper is referring to though.

Yeah, I and multiple other league members cannot set our lineups for today 10/20. We can move players around and we get a popup notification that says our changes are saved and then when we return to the page later, the changes are gone and the lineup was back where it was before.

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Alright. I am not able to recreate so I’m going to lean on you guys a lot for information here.

If you could share:

  1. Your team ID or name
  2. Your league ID or league name (link to the league home page works fine here)
  3. Who precisely you are trying to move in to your lineup from the bench
  4. Who is currently in the lineup in the slot you are swapping (i.e. who is moving to the bench)
  5. What device you are using

I will do my best to try to recreate this issue which will allow me to attempt to fix it.

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Same issue in our league. League 26, my team is TheDirtyO, tried to move Kelly Olynyk from the bench to the F/C slot and the page indicated the change was made but when I refresh he’s back on the bench. Using my laptop to make the change.

Who is in your F/C slot currently? And have you cleared your cache? What browser are you using?

  1. My team is Get Bucketz, team 199:

  2. Our league is “NBA Twitter Slack” number 26, here is the link:

  3. I am trying to move Montrezl Harrell into my lineup at Util and Joshua Primo into my lineup at G

  4. Both of those spots are unoccupied by other players at the moment

  5. I am experiencing the problem on both my Apple MacBook and my iPhone, both using Safari

We have had other owners in this league identify that the same problem: “Shake&Bake,” “Inazuma Lightning,” and “The DirtyO.” I’m not sure who they are trying to move, but I’ll let them know to post here so they can fill in that information themselves.

We’ve had at least 4 teams say they’re having the same issue:

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Ok I just uh, borrowed your team briefly and I can confirm that Harrell going into Util is not reflected on the lineup. However it is reflected in the database! So now I am getting somewhere.

I’m using Brave/Duck Duck Go. I fired it up on chrome, same issue. No one is in that slot currently.

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League: “NBA Twitter Slack” - number 26
‘Shake&Bake’ here, I’m having trouble moving Goran Dragic to the util position and Nicolas Batum to the forward position.

Ok, this issue was restricted to league 26, which finished their draft this morning just after midnight. Any players added just after midnight ET were causing an issue where their date in the lineup was before they were added to their team. The reason this logic exists is if you add a player who was formerly on your team, that player should go to the bench, not the last place you had them in your lineup before you cut them.

I’ve modified this logic to only move players to the bench if they were last in the lineup for a team a full day before they were most recently added to the team. Everyone who had this issue in league 26 should see players in their lineup as expected now.


Thank ya kindly for your prompt attention to that

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That must be why we had issues yesterday. It is working today. (league 17)


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Awesome, great!