Caps with C and OF

Hello Niv, how are you? I have a question for you about soft caps. Does C and OF with their caps work the same way as the IP cap where you can get to 161 and 809, respectively, and you can go over? Or, does it shut off as soon as you reach the 162 and 810 cap in a given day? Thank you very much.

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Adding some detail to this. It seems that doubleheaders allow you to go to 163 for a position. However, starting 2 Cs on a day that begins at 161 does not work. The system appears to block the 2nd C but not the 2nd game of a doubleheader. Is that correct?

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As a follow up to @keefsmitty’s question, does the time of the game matter? For example, if one guy plays at 7 and one guys plays at 8, does only the guy playing at 7’s stats count? What would happen if they both played at the same time?

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All player caps across the board should be hard stop at 162, except in the case of a double-header. I know that isn’t exactly what happens right now on the site, but I am still investigating as to why some teams have 163 games played at C.

What @keefsmitty described for a doubleheader is correct and probably won’t change, because it seems incredibly specific and hard to gain an advantage from.

Thank you for getting back to us, Niv, as I appreciate it. I do have a follow up question though. On Sunday, a lot of the games start at the same time. This is probably more of an apt question for the OF situation. If I am at 809 games and have three guys playing at 3:10 PM ET, how does the system select which one is counted for game 810? I do not recall how it worked in prior years and the only other non-Ottoneu league I played in that had game limits had LF, CF, and RF, so it did not apply. Thanks again.

This is why game limits are not quite as hard as I’d like. Players lock 5 minutes before their game starts. This means the site doesn’t actually know if that player who locked has a game played yet. If you play a player who doesn’t actually play in his MLB game, that doesn’t count towards your cap.

So, if you have multiple players starting at the same position at the same time and all of them lock before their games actually start, you’ll be able to push past game caps, 163 for catchers and 814 for OF. Only these positions because they are the only place you can start more than one player at that position.

This is the bug and I am not sure how to resolve it. I can’t look at probable starters because of late scratches. I guess I could queue up these players to be locked and once their games actually start and stats get pulled, remove any players who push a team over their games played cap, but I’ll have to think about how to implement that.

Actively trying to circumvent caps, while technically allowed by the site, is definitely against the spirit of the game. So, an appeal for honesty while I try to sort this out.

I will build something that will check daily to see if teams are over any games limits and remove the last player locked by the system until they are back at the 810/162 thresholds for OF and C respectively. That might be a today project, depending on how effective this coffee is. Thanks for spurring me into action with these questions, I know having certainty around game limits is important to the overall experience.

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Ok I guess the coffee kicked in nicely because I have a solution for this, and now game caps going forward will be hard limits. Teams may be over the 162 game limit at C or the 810 limit at OF temporarily, but will be pushed back to the limits within a few minutes. This will be done by removing the most recent players locked at C or OF until we’re back at the correct game limits.

If you want predictability on who your 810th start is (to use @LaParka710 example), then only start one player at OF when you are at 809 games. Otherwise whoever the system locks last (which, the ordering there is a bit of a mystery right now) will be removed.


Alright, Niv, that sounds good. Thank you for providing clarity as I think there was some confusion about this since there is an IP soft cap. This will help me with strategy in tight races the last three days, so I really appreciate it.

In the very specific case where you’re over limits (say, by 1 game) and the player who pushed you over limits played in both games in a doubleheader, since doubleheaders are coupled together, you’ll remain over limits by 1 game.

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I think this is a good update, but other than the esteemed readers here, there are likely many managers that are unaware of this change. Will you be posting an announcement? Also, the rules page states innings are soft caps, but it doesn’t clarify how positional caps are enforced. I think it could help to add some clarity.

I will tweet it out and put it on Facebook and on the site, but definitely share this link with anyone and everyone in all of your leagues. You may even earn a badge!

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so with regard to Pitchers, a team going into today with 1499 IP will get credit for all innings pitched by Starting SP and any RP who make an appearance


will the first Pitcher of either type who reaches the Team 1500 IP limit be the only pitcher whose stats count at and above the IP limit?

I believe this is the correct answer with regard to pitching

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and you’re right Lucky…all pitchers on this team collected game stats

thanks for the explanation

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