Catcher Conundrum

Have Daulton Varsho C/OF on my roster and my league has a minimum of games you must meet for each position…Do you think if I am able to acquire 2 decent offensive catchers, its a good strategy to move Varsho primarily to my OF, where I currently only carry 2 OF’s of a possible 5 and need OF production? The issue is I might not be able to get the high OF production I am looking for in draft with the amount of money I will have to meet my budget, thus moving Varsho full-time to my OF…Thanks

I would not play Varsho in the OF. Catcher is a very thin position, and his eligibility there will provide more points than most other C-eligible players.

I am not sure what your league’s minimum game requirements are, but it’s best practice to try to reach all your game and IP upper limits.

It’s hard to say more without knowing the specifics of your team and opponents, but I’d either pencil in Varsho at C and look to do your best at OF via other means or trade Varsho for help elsewhere.

Edit: Varsho is also a rarity in that he may not be catching much. Last year he did play in 151 games, so he is one of the rare players who can approach the C game limit. Most ottoneu teams will employ multiple catchers to reach the limit.

If you’re short on OF, maybe don’t prioritize a 2nd C for now and focus on filling out the rest of the roster best you can. After the dust settles, Varsho could still be used in trade to help fill in other holes if you feel the team is still too short elsewhere.

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