Championship + Third Place Game scoreboard missing from home page

The H2H leagues with playoffs no longer show the current matchup (in this case the championship) on the home page or standings page. Even for teams out of the race, it’s good for league engagement to see front and center how the playoffs are unfolding. The only place to find it (I think) is in the Schedule tab, which is now all the way at the bottom. Makes the playoffs seem unimportant.

I see a scoreboard at the very top with the championship and third place game.

I see the same thing as Niv in my H2H league, two matchups this week with the championship and 3rd place game

Sorry I was on mobile and don’t see it

On mobile, if you are a member of the league, it only shows your game at the top of the page. This was based on feedback from people who thought the scoreboard took over too much space on mobile.

Since you aren’t in either of the games, it isn’t showing anything.

I think if an owner isn’t in any games for a given week, they should probably see the full scoreboard on mobile. I’ll make that change today.

This change has been made. Additionally the championship and third place games have trophies next to them to indicate which is which.

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