Change a trade

How does a Commish change players in a trade? We have a trade that was agreed upon (doesn’t formally go thru until tomorrow). In the meantime, both trade parties agreed to swap out one player for another. How can the Commish assist?

The commish cannot do anything to change the players or details of a pending trade, but the commish CAN cancel a pending trade using commish tools. At that point the managers who agreed to the original trade can just make a new trade with whatever modifications are desired. The other option is to let the original trade go through, and then the managers make a second trade.


The commish could swap the secondary players manually as well, once the trade processes.


This would not allow the league to review the trade. All agreements made between two teams should be transparently reviewed by the league.


That’s a great point Niv. For transparency and simplicity, just completing a second trade makes the most sense.

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