Change How Weekly Lineups Lock

I think weekly lineups should lock as games start (similar to daily), rather than all at once with the first game of the scoring week. If daily lineups lock as games are played, I don’t understand why weekly lineups don’t follow the same protocol.

My reason for this belief is that MLB teams that don’t play on Monday generally hold off on making roster moves (IL placements, promotions/demotions, paternity/bereavement) until Tuesday morning. They have the ability to backdate IL stints, etc. as needed, Ottoneu players do not. This creates a situation where a player can be unexpectedly unavailable for some (if not all) of a scoring period after already being locked into the weekly lineup, resulting in the loss of significant (potentially league altering) production. This has happened to me multiple times this season already.

If players locked as games started, the opportunity to replace them exists up until all teams for the week have played their first game. I think this would be a significant QoL improvement that would increase league integrity as teams could avoid losing production due to unexpected player unavailability.

When we launched weekly lineups this was the standard. It seems now that there are options for either “all at once” or “when the player in slot locks, they lock for the week”. I’d be open to exploring making this a league option. However, there are not that many weekly leagues (far too few, honestly!) and so this will be a lower priority exploration.

Thanks for putting this on my radar.


Speaking from experience, I have a dynasty league in CBS. Until just a few years ago, it locked with the first game. They made an update and now it locks with each player’s game and it is a significant upgrade. Especially with Patriot’s Day in Boston.

Giving my support for this idea even though it doesn’t impact me in any way…


Know this is probably still very low on the priority list, but bumping in hopes it could happen for the upcoming season!

I will try to tackle this in February. Thanks for the bump!

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