Change loan amount for a processed trade

We had two owners execute a trade which involved a loan. Problem is the loan was at the wrong value ($10 too much). The loan was processed/approve before I could confirm this was a user error, so my question is whether I have any commissioner powers allowing me to adjust the loan amount? It seems like I do not.

No, commissioners cannot modify existing loans. If both owners can post/confirm in this thread that the loan should be $10 less I am more than happy to modify it.

Perfect- I’ll see if I can arrange that. Appreciate your help, as always

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I think they could just make a trade for $10 loan on one side with no players, couldn’t they?

They could but I get the appeal to having a good trade history and a less messy loan history.

That’s a good suggestion but I agree with Niv. Both owners agree this is a mistake, and I’ve asked them to confirm that in this thread.

I’m one of the owners and I’m ok changing the loan amount

@masonzippo at some point also link me to your league or the trade.

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Thanks Santo.

Niv, that’s the one - still going strong since 2012.


I think the other manager needs to confirm and then I’ll make the change.

Hi Niv,

I’m the other owner and would like this change to happen. Sorry for the oversight during the process.


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Ok, the loans have been updated here.