Change "other" allocations to "total" allocations

I was wondering if you would make sense to switch
the “other allocations” at the bottom of allocations home page be “total allocations”? I may be alone in this, but I think seeing the total from all teams is probably a more important piece of info.

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Any other thoughts on this?

I personally like the Other Allocations breakdown showing all players who have received allocations. I’d like to see how much total allocations each team has received though.

I think the Remaining Allocation Budget should be changed to “Allocation Breakdown,” keep the two columns it currently has (team names and dollars remaining to allocate) while adding a 3rd column of Allocations Received and a 4th column of Your Allocations. It might also be nice to see all the teams here listed with their post totals from last season, as now I have to open a new tab and make sure I’m giving the top teams $3, bottom teams $1, etc.

I’d also love for the Team Allocation pages to show how much you’ve already allocated to them too (and perhaps even which players.) I sometimes struggle to find which team should get my final $1-$3 because it’s hard to tell on the individual pages which teams you’ve already maxed out. Something like this would be awesome:

I’d like to request that there is either a way to export the arbitration results or (better) the Arb Results tab can be accessed historically. I seem to remember it dropping off every year and often leagues want to go back and look at which players received arbitration. I haven’t found a way to go back and get this historical arb history without having to create a manual spreadsheet to track it over time. Maybe create a link to historical arb results in the “Tools” section kind of like the Draft Results link?

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