Change scoring system after the season starts

First time rookie league here. We are fangraphs points league. After day one, we would like to change to a categories league. This is probably the most noobish league there is and the guys are crying bloody murder out here. I’m trying to explain to guys that RBIs aren’t points. Haha. We need a simpler scoring system. Any help with this would be wonderful!! Happy opening day everyone!

Also. I assume this isn’t an easy change, if at all possible. Knowing that, a service charge would be understandable. Just wanna play some fantasy baseball with the guys.

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I can help with this. Link your league home page and I’ll try to make the change this morning. Won’t cost anything extra.

Thanks Niv! And the 5x5 classic should do!

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I’ll get to this and get your Opening Day stats applied to a 5x5 scoring in the next hour or so. Leagues are able to change scoring systems in the offseason so you have all season to convince people to move to points or the far superior 4x4 :wink:


Do you guys want playoffs (which are H2H points scoring) to be removed as well?

Lets go with H2H playoffs, thank you.

I believe you guys should be all set now. Let me know if anything comes up.

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Appreciate it

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