Changing 30-day rule for short season

Hi Niv

Has their been any thoughts to reducing the time required to renominate your cuts so a team can free up cap space? The season has been shorten. Should penalty time be reduced as well? Thanks

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There are no plans to change the 30-day rule for the short season.

There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. This is already going to be a weird, hectic season. Making one-off rule changes to try to predict how it will play has limited upside and a lot of downside.
  2. Changing a major rule this late is really disruptive; generally we do not want to make major rule changes without a lot of lead time.

Between the new IL/OPTOUT statuses that will give back roster spots and the increased impact of every single game, there is already plenty to adapt to in the 2020 MLB season. We want to minimize the number of one-off changes and not give this season an outsized impact on overall strategies and league balance. So as a general rule, the fewer changes the better.

Hope that helps!


Ok thanks

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