Changing Arb option from Vote-Off made Vote-Offs disappear

Intending to switch from vote-off to allocations for next offseason, the commish in league 1278 unintentionally nullified vote-off for the current offseason. The track record of who got voted off under “arb results” is gone. Is there any way to get this record back, so that the commish can manually remove voted off players?

The commissioner should try changing the system back to vote-off and not changing the system until after the auction draft if they want to continue to use vote-offs until after the auction draft.

If you want the $5 discount to apply, you will need to be a vote-off system through the auction draft.

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Thanks. I just asked the commish to try that.

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Have to change it back. If the vote-off guys don’t show up after changing it back to vote-off let me know.

It worked out. Everything showed up when the commish switched back. Thanks!

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