Changing lineups after they lock?

We have an agreement between opponents to allow a player that missed the TNF game to be subbed out of the starting lineup.

However, I as commissioner cannot make the change.

The two managers have agreed which player will replace the OUT player. Is there any way I as commish can effectuate this agreement? If not through actually switching the players, by manually adding points to a score? Or by manually switching the playoff matchups next week if the switch ends up changing the result of the matchup?

There isn’t any way to do this as commissioner. I can make a change manually if you want, just let me know the team and player that should be benched, preferably with links. Thanks!

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Okay, it is my team, so I’ll provide the links but I’ll also get the other manager to chime in so you know I’m not doing anything sketchy.

I’m the other manager and I agreed to this


I think this is the link you need but let me know if you need anything else.

Team: The John McWhorters

Player: Josh Jacobs

(If you need to switch someone else in, it’s Conner)

Josh Jacobs is now on your bench and you have an open RB spot.

Thank you sir

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