Check Out the Ottoneu Podcast

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Ottoneu has it’s own podcast! You can find the links here:
[RSS] (

OttoGraphs Episodes:
Episode 1: Introduction & Keeper Deadline Strategy (1/18/16)
Episode 2: Ottoneu Auction Strategy (3/13/16)
Episode 3: KATOH Prospect Interview with Chris Mitchell (3/16/16)
Episode 4: [Joe and Tom’s Bold Predictions] ( (4/12/16)
Episode 5: [Time Capsule Interview with Niv Shah 2015] ( (4/19/16)
Episode 6: [Interview with Niv Shah 2016] (
Episode 7: [Early Season Advice]
Episode 8: [The Standings Dashboard]
Episode 9: Player Value Changes
Episode 10: Ottoneu Power Rankings
Episode 11: Trade Breakdown
Episode 12: Ottoneu Prospect Standouts
Episode 13: The Good, Bad, & the Harvey
Episode 14: [Ottoneu All Star Hitters] (
Episode 15: [Ottoneu All Star Pitchers] (
Episode 16: [Vetogate 2016] (
Episode 17: [What We’ve Learned] (
Episode 18: The Final Month
Episode 19: Player Profiles

Also, if you’re interested, you can check out old episodes of our prior shows here:
We’ll use this section to release new podcasts and carry on the discussion!

We recorded an interview with @niv tonight which should be released to RotoGraphs soon. Check it out.

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Bold Predictions podcast for @oltarzewskt1 and @jjdouglas here:
I’m adding my own: I think @eamuscatuli will scale down to five leagues or less by 2017. Bold!

I tried to scale down to about seven this season, but I ended up with the same number of leagues as I had last year!

Hey gang, we just released Episode 5 which is a re-release of an interview @LuckyStrikes and @jjdouglas did with @nivshah last spring. Episode 6 will also be released today and features a new interview with Niv.

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To find the podcast in iTunes what should we search for? I tried ottoneu and ottographs

I’m not 100% sure the podcast is in iTunes yet. You can still subscribe using the iOS podcast app by inputting the RSS feed (

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Anyone have any thoughts on the interview with Niv?

If anyone has feedback on prior episodes or suggestions for future topics, we’d love to hear from you!

Hey all, refreshing this thread with some updates! You can find the latest episodes of OttoGraphs here!

We just released two episodes looking at first half all stars. You can also find it on iTunes by searching for “OttoGraphs” in the store or clicking this link!

So, anyone want to admit to being a listener? We are always willing to hear some feedback, so fire away!

I am pretty sure I’ve listened to every episode. I enjoy it and y’all are improving with every episode. Personally, I am looking forward to some offseason keep or cut discussions because I took over 5 rebuilds.


Thanks for the feedback @DSpracale - open to ideas, but keep/cut decisions will definitely be a tackle this winter. Take note @oltarzewskt1

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