Choose which emails you'd like to receive by league vs user

hi Niv,

Would it be possible to choose which emails you’d like to receive by league vs by whole account? I’m in a number of leagues, and in one league I would prefer to not see the garbage spewed on the league message board via email. I would rather just be able to manage my team and not be bothered with the f-bombs and other derrogatory statements. However, I would still like to be kept up to date via email concerning the activity on the league message boards in my other leagues

Putting aside for now the troubling fact that you have a league with a toxic and potentially abusive message board, you can consider in the short-term making an email filter that automatically archives or deletes emails that have “Message board” and that league’s name in the subject line.

If this feature request gains some traction, I’ll look into it in the future.

Oh, of course. Somehow did not think of just doing that. All good - thanks for the suggestion

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