Choosing Keepers - What's the Procedure?


Hello - This is our league’s first time through the Keeper Process. In our previous league, we would check the players we want to keep, and then the application would just wipe away all other players.

In Ottoneu, how do we select Keepers? Will there be a new interface revealed soon where we check boxes next to players we want to keep?

OR, do we just cut everybody except our Keepers? Then, when the deadline approaches, the system assumes everybody left on your roster is a keeper. Is that how it works?

Thanks, andy


Cut everyone who you don’t want to keep as close to January 31 11:59pm ET as you feel comfortable.


Thanks Niv. best, andy


In our league teams cut players throughout the 30th and 31st. I’ve always been of the mind that there is relatively little advantage to be gained by cutting players at the last second or even last hour before the deadline. By holding out you get a little bit of a view of what the final draft pool will look like and the draft budgets that other teams will have to spend, but I think this information has marginal value in determining who your own keepers should be.