Claimed Football Team But Don't Have Control of It

Got a weird one. I just claimed an Ottoneu football team. It was a public league, so no password or anything was required. The Ottoneu platform is showing me as the manager of the team, but I can’t access the Roster Organizer, Cut Players, etc. Clearing cache did not solve the issue.

League 137, Team “Fancy Dogs and Lads.”

Here is what the Team Page looks like (note lack of links in the upper center menu):

As you can see, I’m listed as the manager (and it’s showing up on my dashboard), but I basically have the same options as an outside viewer of the league, not a member. I also can’t post to the message boards, send DMs, etc.

Something on the server caches for a real long time here. I’ll figure out what it is and get that fixed shortly.

This should be fixed.

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It is indeed. Thanks so much!

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