Claiming expired team has the wrong payment processor

I’m aware that the claim teams page is going to PayPal instead of Paydala. I hope to have a fix for this soon.


This should be fixed now.

Hey there - when I try to claim my team it takes me to an error page - is there any reason for this? or something I am doing incorrectly, happens right after i enter password for the league

I’m looking into it. I might have just simply forgotten to bust some caches.

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Awesome - i appreciate it!

I’ve attempted a fix here. When I click the “Claim” link I see a Paydala pop-up, so I think this is fixed. Let me know if not!

Niv, I can confirm that everything is up and running as I paid through Paydala and have access to the acquired team. Thank you very much for the quick fix!

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Awesome, thanks for playing Ottoneu!

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Yep all good on my end as well - ty!

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