Cleaner ottoneu average salaries

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Currently, the average salaries for the ottoneu Old School game type imply a pool of 58 leagues. Justin’s final rankings for 2017 included 45 leagues. Assuming these 13 leagues that make up the difference are in some way dead or not indicative of current pricing trends in 5x5 ottoneu Old School leagues, can they be removed from the salary averages? An example of one such league is Fangraphs Staff Three (probably the most egregious example), which has not been active since 2013 and contributes some of the easiest to spot outdated salaries (e.g. Prince Fielder and Cliff Lee).


Hey @eamuscatuli, could you hit me up and let me know how you’re curating active leagues vs not? I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about cleaning up dead leagues and I could definitely automate that process better.


I have a list of all leagues that I use for the power rankings script, but from there I remove any league that doesn’t have 12 active teams. So my league #s on the power rankings excludes active leagues that only had 11 owners (for example), so my numbers are less than the true number of active leagues.


I do think you cleaned up most of those “dead” leagues fairly recently


I’ll think about this more once I get through this H2H slog :slight_smile: Consider it filed!


Not that I think it should be a top priority to clean up old leagues, but I do think it is important. Just to give another perspective on it, when I looked at joining Otto and went to the Claim Teams page, I was a little surprised to see whole leagues (or a majority of teams in a league) abandoned. It made me second-guess whether I wanted to play Otto if whole leagues were falling apart and nothing was being done to address them. Right now on the Claim Teams page, there are a few leagues that have all or a majority of the teams abandoned. I don’t think it looks good and also makes any interested owner have to sift through additional teams. Not a huge deal, but it is the face of Otto for new or prospective owners. Just my 2 cents…


Yep, fully aware of that issue. It definitely gives the wrong impression, since it is just 2-3 leagues out of hundreds that are folding in that specific manner. I need to come up with something better than manually cleaning this up every few weeks.


Sounds good, just giving a little feedback. And wow, you took care of that up fast. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but also wanted to point out that the Commish and League Settings are wrong on the Expired Teams section. Ok, I’ll stop pointing out issues now…


@LuckyStrikes do we have a bug bounty badge yet? :slight_smile:


We don’t but I need to make one…


You might end up spending too much time doling those out…


@nivshah Are free agents with a value of $0 included in average salary calculations?