Clearer language about including minor league players in search

Not picking on any one person (it happens to me too), but this seems to be a recurring issue. I wonder if it might help a little to spell out the word “Include,” instead of abbreviating it.

Or, taking it one step further, perhaps when the results are null, you could display a hint such as “Click here if you intended to include minor league players in your search.”

Yes, I did that first. I click on my league, go to players, search for Reyes and do not find him. I search for Franmil and no one is found.

Do you have “Inc. Minors” checked?

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nope. My bad. Thank you.

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Well I bungled up splitting this thread off, but yeah, I can look into this request.

I’ve pushed out a change to the search page so the filter labels are clearer.


Looks better to me. Not a panacea, but it might help a bit. Thanks.

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