Closest games this year

Share your bad beats or tight wins here. I won my game this week by 0.18 points, so I’m feeling pretty good. Also, my team is terrible.

I lost this game last week by .82 points, stupid Ryan SixPickTrick:

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This loss wasn’t quite as close, but I was cursing Kyle Rudolph last night:

Last one from me, I wasn’t involved in this game but if Left Side had just started their kicker they would have won:

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All Fitzpatrick had to do was stop at five interceptions, but noooooooo he had to keep slinging it to the other team.

I’ve had two games already this season that I lost by about a point in each one of them :frowning:

It’s gonna a rough year, boys. It’s crazy to think I was 2 points away from being 3-1 instead of 1-3

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