Color-Coded Notifications

Niv - Would you consider using different text colors for “You have proposed a trade…” as opposed to “A trade has been accepted between…” and “A trade has been proposed to you…”?

Maybe black for trades that have been accepted and are pending, versus red for trades proposed to a team, and blue for trades you proposed that are awaiting replies?

Not a huge issue. But when there are several lines, it might make it easier to see what is going on quickly. Sometimes there are numerous different trades in various statuses.

This would be a quick, easy change, and presumably it would not have any adverse effects. No downside…


I recommend everyone avoid thinking things are “easy” or “hard” or if there would or wouldn’t be adverse effects. Unless you’ve looked at the platform’s code, of course.


Recommendation withdrawn. I was only offering a recommendation. I did not mean to be a pain the the neck. I’ll stay in my lane from now on.

The wishlist request is appreciated and noted and understanding why it would be helpful is great to write out. For example:

Perfect, helps me understand your perspective and problem exactly.

The problem arises when people either 1) think something will be trivial to implement or (worse yet) 2) think something won’t be trivial to implement so they don’t even mention having a problem. Easy or hard has nothing to do with it, adverse effects or no have nothing to do with it. This forum is for all of you to tell me what problems (big and small) you have with the platform and any ideas you have on how to fix them. It’s up to me to figure out if I can or can’t do it and how it should be prioritized.

Hopefully that makes sense, and thanks again for posting about notifications!

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I’ve rewritten the league home page notifications to be clearer. There are now 6 groupings of notifications, each one separated out by a little space for clarity:

  1. Upcoming deadlines, if any (within 30 days) (light blue)
  2. Draft day (always displayed if in the future) (green)
  3. Illegal State (red)
  4. Incoming Trade Offers (yellow)
  5. Outgoing Trade Offers (yellow)
  6. Accepted Trades in your league (green)

I believe this will help when there are a number of trade offers and accepted trades in a league. @Spa_City gets a Genie badge.

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Appreciate the updates as always Niv. Minor quibble, but the dark green used on dark text makes it difficult to read. One vote here to revert back to the previous yellow color for these alerts, unless there’s a better alternative that provides contrast with the text and background. Maybe white as a background, the same as the other text boxes on the home page? Thanks for considering!

Send me your league home page. Sounds like I could change the font color and it’d be a little better.


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I’ve made the illegal state (red) and draft day / accepted trades (green) notifications have a light colored text so that they are more legible.