Come and beat the best! Openings in 4x4 league

A rare opportunity to join one of the original 4x4 leagues - League 34.

The 2016 title was won by the number one player in 4x4! Come and beat the best!

3 teams available - a couple with some nice pieces to build around:

It’s a $9.99 league.

DM me here or @lt_fluffski on Slack :slight_smile:

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Ok, the third team’s taken - but the other two are still up for grabs!

There’s some decent players to build around: - Bryant, Baez, Polanco, Scherzer, Salazar - Freeman, Russell, Trumbo, Trea Turner, Contreras, Archer, Britton

These two teams are still available. We’d like to get them filled before the end of arb if possible…

Come join us! :smile:

Ok, just one team left now:

Make yourself the proud owner of a $7 Trea Turner and a $3 Willson Contreras!

All teams now taken!

There is now another opening in this league (4x4, league 34)! A guy took a new job and won’t be able to devote enough time to it. The team, Carry On My Heyward Son, has finished 2nd each of the past two years, set the league record for HR last year, and has a number of premium keepers. Join now. The keeper deadline is in less than two weeks.

Still available, currently marked as abandoned. Claim it!

Team’s taken. Maybe next year…

glad you filled the league opening

I was considering it when I saw your post, but didn’t throw my hat in the ring right away

when I checked back, it was gone

today I learned from FG that Zeezil is the best 4x4 Ottoneu team around

sure wish I’d pulled the trigger…would have enjoyed the opportunity to chase you down

best of luck this season

Hey JRL, you still interested in joining our league? Despite being the #5 overall 4x4 team this year, I got beat by the #4 overall team on the last day of the season! It was super competitive. We’ve got a good, active group of current owners.

We have two openings - the San Diego Rabinos and Mr. Met’s Wild Ride:

Both are rebuilding teams but not without talent. This year’s winner finished 10th in 2015 and 5th in 2016, so quick turnarounds can be done.

Are you up for the challenge?


I’ll look them over and get right back with you

Thanks for the opportunity

I’ll take over the last place San Diego team

weather is nice, close to Mexico for the weekends

or I’ll take Mr. Met, totally different rebuild but it will complement my other League

so no matter to me

All right, you’re in! I think I added you correctly as the owner of Mr. Met’s Wild Ride and also sent you an email. Let know if there’s a problem.

To the rest of the Ottoneu community, we’re still looking for a an owner for the San Diego Rabinos!