Comentless Trade Rejections (Rant)

A HUGE pet peeve of mine is when people reject trades without any comment or insight as to what was wrong with the trade. Especially in an Ottoneu league where the owners don’t actually know each other. I get that a rejecting team obviously did not put themselves in position to need to evaluate a trade, but as a member of the league, it kinda comes with the territory. If every trade is rejected without so much as a “I don’t want to move player X” or “your valuation is way off, I value player Y way higher than that” etc, then it can become very difficult to make offers down the line. I am much more hesitant to offer trades after teams have rejected prior offers without comment, as I have no idea what is in their heads.

Am I unreasonable here? Anyone else have this frustration?

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I think you are being entirely reasonable to both sides here.

As a frequent Johnny Appleseed trade sender, I cannot reasonably expect a response to every single unsolicited trade offer sent. However, I do take a no comment trade rejection as indication of a lack of further interest in that general framework.

I think you just can’t take it too personally. If people have an issue with the frequency of your trade offers they will probably say something. Also, some of my favorite trades have just been blind offers sent to see if there were any nibbles. Never know what other teams may be thinking.

There is an entire system for sending teams messages if you want more information from them or to have a discussion. Some people are fine with offers, others prefer to work on trades in other ways.

If I have a trade rejected with no comment that is because I put literally no effort into working with the other team to make the trade offer.

Yea…Counterpoint: there’s also a comment box on the accept/reject screen.

I get your point though. And to your second point everyone works differently, but I find more often than not trade “discussions” without having some tangible framework to start from in front of your eyes never materialize.

Employers terminate employees without citing a specific reason. People leave without saying goodbye. Trades get rejected without explanation. It’s all part of the grander experience that is life on this Earth, my friend.

In all seriousness, they clearly didn’t like your deal so send a message and ask if you can sweeten the pot. Take it as an opening for a discussion. They could have left the offer alone without giving you any response whatsoever.