Commish quit and abandoned team

What happens if a commish quits, there is an abandoned team (available for $4.99), and keeper deadline is 30 hours away?

It’s the Hall of Fame league if someone wants the team, by the way.

The commissioner has no bearing on the keeper deadline, but if someone else in the league wants to be commish they can email

It sounds like that commissioner didn’t renew their team…

I have a question related to this topic sort of. I appear to have claimed a team in a dead league. There is no auction scheduled and there appear to be five teams without owners. I am going to try sending a message to the commissioner to see if he is going to move it forward. Assuming this league really is dead, what can I do? Caveat Emptor, I guess.


That stinks @tripvm. Email me at, if the league is dead I’ll make sure you get a refund and I’ll also shut down the league.


I am trying to revive it. If it is truly dead I will drop you a line in a few days or so. At the moment it appears that we need six owners. If the commissioner is checked out, then I will see if we he will transfer it to me.