Commissioner Powers

I’m planning to start a new league next year, and I’ve been reading different ideas for league charters to clarify standard rules or layout league-specific rules. What I haven’t been able to find is a list of “powers” the commissioner has at his/her disposal. I’ve read that commissioners can force drop players and veto trades, but what else can they do? Can I change player values or block stats from accruing? I’m sure this info is somewhere, but I haven’t had any luck.

Just checked. Commissioners can:

  1. Change league settings
  2. Remove/add owners
  3. Mark owners as done with draft
  4. Allow a round of penalty free cuts.
  5. Active trades can be cancelled.
  6. Remove commissioner rights (if multiple commissioners.)
  7. Add player to team
  8. Change player salary
  9. Cut player (with cap penalty)
  10. Remove player (no cap penalty)
  11. Change Cap Penalty Associated with a Player.

See @OttoneuTrades list, but in general you probably want as few “powers” as possible. You certainly have the ability to adjust player salaries, etc. but as a commish you probably want to avoid having to dictate these changes in almost all circumstances.


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