Community thoughts on trade

What would you do?

$28 Bauer for $56 Machado and $3 D Moore?

I have 2b/MI of Joey Wendle, Luis Urias and Miguel Rojas.

My rotation consists of Bauer, Berrios, Flaherty, Lynn, Means, Boyd, Eovaldi, Walker Hendricks, Corbin.

Sitting in first with a 200 pt lead.

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Take the trade. Machado upgrades your roster more than Bauer’s exit will hurt you. Ask him to kick in some cash too.

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Bauer and Machado for me are pretty much a push in terms of production $ value, so that’s not a trade I would make. Much more likely Bauer is the keepable asset, and you’re not really improving enough to make that swap worthwhile IMO.

I enjoy all your work and especially the podcast. Thanks for the reply. Never expected to get your thoughts on the deal.

I accepted so we will see how it works out.