Competitive 1.0 PPR $100 league

I’m looking for 1 owner to take over a 1.0 PPR football league. We do a separate PayPal prize pool of $100 per person. For more information please ask…We are only taking on active owners, so please email me if you’re interested. (

The roster you’re taking over wasn’t great but definitely has some building pieces (i’ll attach below). It is essential you participate in arbitration so we will be looking to add someone in the next few weeks.

$474 of $400 used


|[Odell Beckham Jr.$92
|[Aaron Rodgers|$58|N/A|309.54|
|[Devonta Freeman |RB|$57|N/A|14.10|
|[Amari Cooper]$54|N/A|209.30|
|[LeSean McCoy$48|N/A|114.90|
|[Lamar Miller$35|N/A|159.00|
|[Greg Olsen$20|N/A|80.10|
|[Devontae Booker|$13|N/A|79.40|
|[Tyrell Williams$13|N/A|133.50|
|[Jamison Crowder |$13|N/A|81.10|
|[Cameron Brate|$11|N/A|87.00|
|[Donte Moncrief]$10|N/A|126.70|
|[Philip Rivers$9|N/A|272.98|
|[Zay Jone|$7|N/A|137.90|
|[Jesse James$6|N/A|84.30|
|[Dante Pettis]$6|N/A|103.50|
|[Matt Bryant]$6|N/A|94.00|
|[Harrison Butker]$6|N/A|135.00|
|[Doug Martin]|$5|N/A|110.80|
|[Benjamin Watson]$5|N/A|82.10|

IR List

[Devonta Freeman
[Greg Olsen
[Dante Pettis

Still looking for someone interested. Would like to fill before off-season begins