Contract terms function on Ottoneu?

I am starting a keeper league and wanted to know if the site tracks “contract years” so we can have a 2 yr contract term once a player is drafted/rostered and then after this 2 yr contract, if the GM keeps the player, there is a $2 or $3 addition to the value to keep the player.

Can the site track this or do we need to do this manually ?

Thanks for the guidance

There are a few kinds of add-ons that leagues use, including 5MILB and arbitration coupon systems. I don’t personally love them, but it is very possible to use Commissioner Notes to share a Google Doc and Commish Tools to edit salaries and implement a contract system.

However, Ottoneu doesn’t directly support contracts. Players that you’d roster do not have agency or agents, so all contracts can’t actually be negotiated. As such, a contract ‘add-on’ or ‘option’ would go against the actively updating market ethos of Ottoneu.

Between standard salary increases and the arbitration/vote-off systems, the market is constantly guiding a player’s salary relative to their value in Ottoneu. Any form of contract would negate this core economic system.

EDIT I didn’t love my tone in the first pass, and I’ve tried to clean it up. Apologies if it came off as gruff, it was pre-coffee!


Just to follow up on this I think Ottoneu has some features that would help you manage this if you wanted to do it.

  1. make sure to post each contract on the message board. There aren’t player notes visible to all managers (each manager can make their own) but the message board would create a permanent historical record of who signed what.

  2. commish tools to remove players from rosters, update salaries, etc are pretty robust. So you can enforce contracts using those pretty well I think.

  3. I would set up a Google sheet or something that is shared and everyone can access to track these. I’d still post each one on the message board (Google sheets can be edited or messed up, but the message board is forever), but the sheet would be a good place to track and search for stuff.

FWIW, in addition to what Niv said, my big concern would be that contracts would bad for league parity. Bad teams saddled with bad contracts would have a hard time getting better. But if you try this I’d be curious how it works out.


I would strongly recommend against trying to do this sort of league in Ottoneu. As Niv and Chad said, there are certainly ways to do everything manually. But it’s going to take a lot of work both inside and outside of the platform to manage and maintain. And the native Ottoneu game is better than these sorts of leagues, in my experience.


I’d add that the current format is as keeper as it gets, teams keep entire rosters if they like the values, no tinkering necessary. Ottoneconomics get better with time!

Ottoneu arbitration is awesome and is a way to add some $ to others keepers, similar to what it sounds like you are trying to accomplish.

Add-on rules would probably exclude your entire league from entering the greatest tournament in fantsy, the OPL ;( Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Not at all, Niv - grateful for your reply and I am brand new as a Commish and only played 2 years as a GM, so I am learning about the Ottoneu world as I go along. I just did not want a league where GMs hoard all the good players for years and years without processes to be more competitive. SOme great answers and perspectives below and I appreciate the replies. I really don’t have a strong command on the Ottoneu offering, so need to look at Ottoeconomics and arbitration on here. And OPL. Will poke around more ! Thanks all