CouchManagers import not working

We’re currently attempting to import a CouchManagers draft. Right now it’s just kind of sitting there with 0 Records Processed Correctly. What should we do?

Ha I’m actually working on this right now. It broke as part of the server migration, and with the OPL rollout it got a little delayed. I have a sample import for league 670 and am actively looking at it.

Alrighty. Thanks much

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It maybe completed just now without importing anything?

Looks like it actually processed. Some unprocessed records to look at, but seems like we’re most of the way there. Thanks!

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Ok well that’s great news.

This should be fixed going forward, and please let met know if you run into any issues with that import that just completed.

A few issues with records, but these look like ID issues coming from CouchManagers

Ok. I will check in with them and make sure they are still updating their Ottoneu player IDs. If you need any help resolving anything, let me know via email.

Trying to import rosters from CM – button shows up for a brief moment and then disappears. Cleared browser history, same deal. Safari and Chrome. League is 1151.

Had this happen to someone in Slack the other day - it happens when the previous import was incomplete AND the previous import file is no longer on the server. If you run into this, just let me know your league name and I’ll get rid of the previous incomplete import so you can start fresh.

Thanks – the league name is “P.R.E.A.M. Baseball League”, league number is 1151.

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And you should be all set @koalastorm