CouchManagers now accepts Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball roster exports

CouchManagers has set up importing Ottoneu keepers via an upload of our roster export. This will allow you to do a slow draft on the CouchManagers site without having to manually input players already on rosters.

I really appreciate their effort in integrating closer with Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. It gives more options for all of you when determining how best to handle your pre-season drafts.

You can reach out to CouchManagers if you have any questions about this process.


Can confirm. This is lifechanging.

I just imported the league 757 keepers into couchmanagers and it was a breeze. Just:

  1. Download a csv file of your league rosters under tools on the Ottoneu page (the crossed tool icon at the top of your league page.
  2. Go to your draft room at Couch Managers.
  3. Click on “Manager Settings” at the bottom right of the page.
  4. Click “Add Keepers” on the right side of the page.
  5. Click “Ottoneu leagues can upload keepers file here” and point it to your downloaded copy of the league rosters you downloaded in step #1
  6. Assign the rosters to the proper owner via drop down menu.

It worked like a charm. I’ll still have my owners look over their roster and make sure the correct players are added, but the salary cap numbers all lined up the the rosters I looked at were correct. It did give me an error saying it couldn’t identify the correct Luis Garcia to add to one of the rosters. I did that manually and it wasn’t a big deal. Big thanks to Niv and Couch Managers for making this work. Slow auctions are a great way to knock out an Ottoneu draft - especially first year drafts and leagues with scheduling problems.