Counter button not keeping players checked

When countering a trade, it no longer seems to keep the players checked off from the original offer.

I’ll check this out tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for the note!

Did a quick test locally and it looks like counter-offers still work for me.

  1. Could you DM me with a link to the trade you are trying to counter?

  2. Could you confirm that this is an issue with baseball and not football?

  3. Information about what browser, OS, etc you are using would be helpful as well.


  1. Can’t remember the trade, I’ve got 4 teams. I asked on slack, others seem to have encountered the same issue. Of course I just tried to recreate it with a current trade and it’s working properly.

  2. It’s baseball I’m referring to.

  3. I’m currently using chrome on Android phone.

Not sure if you did anything to fix it, but either way it’s working now. Thanks for the quick response.

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I didn’t change anything, so if anyone runs into a trade where they try to counter and it does not pre-check boxes, please post in this thread and DM me any details you’d like to keep private and I’ll investigate.

Hello Niv, I am using Chrome on PC and I did not see the boxes checked when I countered this trade offer ( I also ran into the same under similar conditions last night, but saw this post after I did that. Can you please take a look into it? Thanks!

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Yep, perfect. I’ll check it out right now.

Ok, I think this issue should be resolved going forward. Please let me know if you see the behavior mentioned by both @robdohn and @LaParka710 persist.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks, Niv, for being so responsive!

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