Creating Ottoneu Player Dollar Values

A couple of people have reached out to me this off-season asking what process is best for creating auction dollar values for Ottoneu. There are several resources that can help, and here are a few of the best:

Auction Values for All Three Formats by @chy924

How to Create Custom Rankings for Points Leagues by Tanner Bell

FanGraphs Auction Calculator:

You may even be able to contact @eamuscatuli to ask his permission to use one of his projected auction dollar value spreadsheets to adjust for your own values.


Thanks for posting this. The Smart Fantasy Baseball link is pretty good. The only part that I get hung up on is Holds. Steamer does not project holds. What is the best way to come up with an accurate projection for holds?


You could use the Holds projections from the FG Depth Charts projections, and I also use this Holds formula created by Jeff Zimmerman that @chy924 posted a few years ago (

.34-.165whip-.0160era+0.020 * K/9) * (G-GS) = Holds + Saves
In the steamer projections, which project saves but not holds, I used this as follows – run this equation for all players whose role is set to RP. If the outcome is less than the number of saves projected by steamer, use steamer’s save projections and ignore this. If the number is greater than the saves projection, keep the saves projection and add (outcome of equation – saves) as the number of holds.

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I’ve mentioned this in a couple other places recently, but I do plan on posting an article/video series very soon detailing my $ value process.

I remember noting that you were planning on doing this. Looking forward to it.

The Young article from 2013 ends up valuing position hierarchy as:
1B, 3B, OF, 2B, SS, C

Do those still track for 2018? It’s a pretty simple exercise with FGPoints to check the last starter at each position but that’s a bit more difficult in Old School.

In general, yes, but in 5x5 there is very little separating the non-C positions.

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Makes sense and thanks for the answer.